Terms & Condition

TRAViZGO ("Website") or TRAViZGO Mobile Application, which is managed by TRAVIZGO INNOTECH LTD. has stipulated terms and conditions of use in making reservations or transactions relating to all types of products and services that TRAViZGO presented on this website. Please read and understand the terms and conditions of use below carefully before use.

The Definition

"TRAViZGO" means TRAViZGO ("Website") and / or TRAViZGO Mobile Application via mobile devices, managed by TRAVIZGO INNOTECH LTD. which is an agent for offering various types of tourism products and services via online platform. "Service Provider" means a supplier and / or manufacturer of goods and services and / or service professionals who provide services directly to the customer (accommodation such as hotels, apartments, bed and breakfasts, Interesting things such as theme parks, museums, tours, transportation and travel such as car-rentals, yachts, trains, airport shuttles, shuttle buses, tours, travel insurance, Products and services include a side trip that was presented on this web site). "Platform" means the website and application (For portable devices) "Personal information" means The Personal Information, The Biological Information, The Financial Information, The Transaction Information and/or any information of the applicant provided by the applicant in platform and/or available in the database of TRAViZGO and/or that TRAViZGO has collected from any other person. "Electronic Services" means services on the TRAViZGO and/or TRAViZGO Application on portable devices, including any other electronic services that TRAViZGO will provide to those who request for additional services in the future. "Personal Identification Number" means Login Name or Username, Password, PIN-Person Identification Number, Fingerprint, Face, Biometric Technology, Password to use for transaction devices, OTP code - One Time Password, including any other codes related to the use of electronic services, whether called by any name, and whether the code is set by TRAViZGO or the code that the applicant personally determines. "Bill Payment" means an order or transaction or transaction made through an electronic service system which allow TRAViZGO to deduct money from the Applicant's account to pay for goods or services according to the billing list or the invoice of the applicant and/or others regardless of the billing item or that invoice will be prepared in any form "Force majeure" means any event beyond TRAViZGO's control, which impedes the provision of services in accordance with these electronic terms and conditions. Including causing crashes or data errors; for example, the bank's computer system or communication system failure due to power failure or energy issues the actions of third parties, computer viruses, or other malicious data (Harmful Data), which is not caused by TRAViZGO does not maintain sufficient computer systems in accordance with standards.

Use of the Website and/or Mobile Application

Use of the website and/or mobile application is considered as one of TRAViZGO's electronic terms and conditions of use, which you guarantee that
  • You are at least 18 years of age (or under the age of majority in the user's country) and are fully aware.
  • You have the legal authority to create a binding legal obligation.
  • You will use this website and / or mobile application by agreeing to and abide by the terms and conditions of use.
  • You will use this website and / or mobile application only to make a legal reservation for yourself or to someone else with whom you have legal authority to do so.
  • You will notify other parties of the terms and conditions of use that apply to the reservations you have made on their behalf which includes all relevant rules and restrictions.
  • All information provided on this website and/or mobile application must be correct and accurate. The exact up to date and complete information are required. If you have an online account registered with this website and/or mobile application, you will be responsible for your account information protection as well as will take care and take responsibility for the use of your account by you and anyone else regardless of you fully. TRAViZGO reserves the right to refuse anyone to access this website and/or mobile application and the services we offer at any time without notice and for any reason which includes but is not limited to a violation of this agreement

Privacy policy

TRAViZGO values the privacy of every customer. Please see more details at Privacy policy for more information to understand our practices.

Scope of service

TRAViZGO is an online travel agency who offer various types of tourism products and services through online platforms by offering details, price, service fee, amount of services, provided policy and conditions for ordering products/services, the products and services delivery method / and other related information to the public in order to enter into transactions to select products and services of interest by themselves. Please note that Products and services offered on certain websites include Flight service, Hotel/Accommodation, Limo tourist activities and other products and services, which are provided by service providers directly to you. The service providers do not represent TRAViZGO employees or subcontractors. We act as the only liaison between you and the service provider. Therefore, TRAViZGO will not be responsible for any actions, service omissions, or the products and services of the service provider. In the event of a dispute, the information we provide on the website and/or mobile application is based on the information received from suppliers and/or manufacturers of goods and services and/or service providers. The said person has full responsibility to update the price, service charge, fee, amount of service, policies and conditions, and other relevant information that appears on the website. Even though TRAViZGO uses careful expertise in our business operations, it may not confirm and does not guarantee that all information contained herein is accurate, complete, correct or is up to date and TRAViZGO is not responsible for any errors, obstacles, or inaccurate information. That causes misunderstandings or false or not forwarding information on the website and/or mobile application.

Agreement for not carrying out prohibited activities

Content and information on this website and/or mobile application (Including but not limited to price and availability of travel services) as well as the basic systems used to provide such content and information will be the property of TRAViZGO. You know and certify that you may make copies of travel reservations or other services through this website and/or mobile application (and related documents) but will not modify, copy, distribute, transmit, perform, reproduce, distribute, license create, modify, transfer or resell any information, software, products or services obtained from or through this website and/or mobile application. Moreover, you must also certify that you will not proceed as follows.
  • 1. Use this website and/or mobile application or the content of this website and/or mobile application for commercial purposes without the express written permission of TRAViZGO.
  • 2. Make reservations for products/services on this website and/or mobile application for resell purposes without the written permission of TRAViZGO.
  • 3. Make reservations for products/services on this website and/or Mobile Application that are speculation, false, fraudulent or make reservation to anticipate demand in the market.
  • 4. Access, track or copy any content or data on this website and/or mobile application by using a robot, spider, scraper, or automation or manual control system with any other matter for any purpose without express written permission from TRAViZGO.
  • 5. Violating the prohibition on Robot Exclusion Header on this website or ignore or avoid other measures that are used to prevent or limit access to this website.
  • 6. Take any action that, in our discretion, deems to be inappropriate or excessive burden on the basic systems of the Website and/or Mobile Application.
  • 7. Deep linking to any part of this website and/or Mobile Application (including but not limited to any travel route purchase) for any purpose without permission In writing clearly from TRAViZGO.
  • 8. "Cut" ("frame"), "copy" ("mirror") or combine any part of this website and/or mobile application with any other website without the express written permission of TRAViZGO.
If TRAViZGO suspects that you have violated the Terms of Use (Including but not limited to the fact that you have made multiple bookings on the website and that TRAViZGO considers (which makes reasonable sense that the reservation is for resale). if your reservation or account shows signs of fraud, violation or suspicious activity, TRAViZGO may cancel any reservations related to your name, email address or account and close the relevant TRAViZGO account. If the canceled reservation is a non-refundable reservation, TRAViZGO reserves the right to not refund the canceled reservation. We may verify and confirm (i.e. allow in advance) your credit card. If you conduct any fraudulent activity, TRAViZGO reserves the right to take necessary legal action and you may also be liable for TRAViZGO monetary loss, including any costs of litigation or damages. In case that you prefer to dispute the cancellation of the booking or the account approval or closure, please contact TRAViZGO Customer Relations.

Service provider's rules and restrictions

Additional terms and conditions of third-party service providers will apply to your booking and purchase of travel-related products-services that you have selected. Please read these additional terms and conditions carefully; especially, if you have purchased a plane ticket, please make sure you read all the terms and conditions of the carrier set by the service provider which can be viewed on the websites of various airline providers. The airlines may cancel or change your flight schedule with or without notice. You are responsible for checking the scheduled departure time before your trip. TRAViZGO is not responsible for any flight cancellations or changes to your flight schedule or failing to notify you of such events. In order to reduce the impact of your travel plans, it is recommended for you to purchase travel insurance to also protect against travel disruption. You agree to comply with the terms and conditions of purchase specified by external service providers from which you choose to request products or services; including but not limited to all payments when due and compliance with external service provider rules and regulations regarding service readiness, fare usage, products-services. We reserve the right to cancel your booking if the full payment has not been received within the stipulated time. Some hotels may require you to present a credit card or cash deposit upon check-in to cover additional charges during your stay. The given deposit is not associated with any payment that we have received or paid for your hotel reservation. You agree that some third-party service providers offering certain services and/or activities may require you to sign a liability exemption prior to receiving the service and/or join activities offered by service providers. You understand that the violation of any service provider's rules and restrictions may result in your booking being canceled, your access to travel products or services being denied, The money you paid for the booking was forfeited and/or being debited from your account for any costs that you incur due to the said violation.

Order cancellation / booking and non-use of the service

When you proceed to submit an order or book a products-services, it indicate your acceptance and approval of the cancellation and non-use policy including any additional service terms and conditions of that service provider. This depends on the conditions of each service provider which will appear on the terms and conditions page during the purchase or reservation process, and on the purchase or reservation confirmation documents delivered to you. Please be aware that some prices and certain offers cannot be canceled, refunded, or changed. Moreover, cancellation fees may apply according to service provider's policy such as the order or reservation policy, the advance payment policy, non-use policy or even some policy not entitled to receive the prepaid money back. Therefore, we encourage you to check the information (order/reservation) of your products-services in detail whether there is a condition before proceeding order or reservation. However, TRAViZGO has no responsibility whatsoever as a result of late service use, including when your reservation is canceled or there is a fee that the service provider charges since you do not use the service.

Price and promotion

TRAViZGO may occasionally offer lower prices and/or promotional information. Please note that these prices may have different terms and conditions; for example, reservations and refund policies. You accept and agree that your credit card will be charged the full amount by TRAViZGO based on the total booking price of the service. Travel at the time of booking which the price is shown on the website and/or TRAViZGO Mobile Application plus tax rate and service fees. In the case of plane tickets, the price will be guaranteed only after the purchase has been completed and the ticket has been issued. Airlines and other travel service providers may change their prices without noticing prices and fees for some of the low-cost airlines established overseas; also, additional baggage charges for some airlines may be in other currencies (such as Euros) which we will specify the estimation in the currency set by default on this website or the preferred currency chosen (if any). The actual amount charged by low-cost carriers may vary slightly due to the different exchange rates used by various card issuers. In addition, your statement may include currency conversion fees or transaction fees (which may be in foreign currency) charged by your card issuer for processing transactions. TRAViZGO is not associated with these additional fees and will not be liable for any fees related to exchange rates and issuers of different cards. We will not charge a change fee for any changes you make to a booking, except for flight reservations. Which we will charge the change fee. However, the relevant third-party service provider may charge fees related to any changes that you will have to pay (If any). The price for your new booking will be based on the price that is effective on the day you request that we make changes. These prices may not be equal to the price at the time you have booked the products / services. You agree that TRAViZGO has negotiated some room prices in advance with the hotel supplier. The room prices displayed on the website are the sum of the room prices negotiated in advance for the rooms booked on your behalf through TRAViZGO and the compensation that TRAViZGO has collected for the service fees of TRAViZGO. You authorize TRAViZGO in Making a reservation according to the total booking price which consists of the room rates shown on this website Plus various tax rates (if relevant) and service fees. You agree that your credit card will be charged by TRAViZGO for the total booking price when submitting your reservation request that you authorize TRAViZGO to reserve a hotel on your behalf Including payment arrangements with hotel suppliers. The Tax Recovery Charge of pre-paid hotel reservations is an estimate of the estimated tax rate (such as sales tax and commodity tax, hotel tax (Occupancy) tax Room Tax, Excise Tax VAT and others) in which TRAViZGO pays the hotel in connection with your reservation. The hotel will charge a certain fee. As well as the said tax, TRAViZGO will be responsible for sending these amounts to the relevant tax authorities. Taxation criteria and tax rates vary by location. The actual amount TRAViZGO pays to the hotel in relation to taxes may differ from the tax recovery charge, depending on the tax rate. Taxation criteria and others that apply when you use the hotel. In some jurisdictions VAT (VAT), product / service tax (GST), or similar taxes may be charged for the booking price or compensation that TRAViZGO has collected for TRAViZGO service fees. The actual tax amount for our service, if any may vary depending on the tax rates that are in effect at the time of your hotel stay. We may collect service fees as additional compensation for your travel booking service. The service fees that TRAViZGO collects for TRAViZGO's service fees will vary depending on the amount and type of hotel reservations. You can cancel or change your prepaid hotel reservations, but you will be charged the cancellation fee or change of reservation, which is specified in the rules and restrictions for hotel reservations. If you do not cancel or change your reservation before the time period (before the day you arrived) according to the cancellation policy applicable to the hotel you have reserved (which will vary in each hotel), you will be charged an amount equal to the rate of accommodation per night including Tax Recovery Charges and Service Fees. In the event that you do not arrive on the first night of the booking and plan to check in the next night of the reservation, you must confirm the booking change with TRAViZGO no later than the first night of the reservation so that you do not have to cancel your reservation. You agree to pay the cancellation fee or amendment of the reservation made. In some cases that do not occur often, some hotels will not allow changes or cancellations after booking as stated in the rules and restrictions for hotel reservations. You agree to abide by the conditions of use set forth by your prepaid hotel reservation.

Additional costs and refunds

Prices stated on the website and/or mobile application come with specific conditions and these prices are subject to change depending on the availability of reservations, reservation period and/or quantity of products. Prices may include taxes and other additional costs, but in some situations, it may not include taxes and service charges. You agree that you are responsible for verifying all costs to be paid and other terms and details in the transaction confirmation email sent to you. You will need to check the reservation on the booking form. You can cancel the reservation at any time before final confirmation. The prices shown are detailed so you can see the amount of payment. Any additional costs incurred by using a credit card or fees that are charged to you. If there is any deficit in the amount due, TRAViZGO will not be responsible or liable for canceling the issuance of electronic tickets caused by the incorrect payment of your payment. Any payment made over time will result in cancellation of the reservation

The Payment

TRAViZGO would like to inform you of a very important agreement for making payments on TRAViZGO's online platform: You must pay via TRAViZGO's bank account in the name of a juristic person, "TRAVIZGO INNOTECH LTD.". If payment is made to another person or juristic person, TRAViZGO is not responsible for any damages to you or anyone else for payment via credit card via the internet, which TRAViZGO provides to facilitate customers on the website and/or Mobile Application. Before using the service, please read more. "Payment Terms & Conditions", which are considered as part of this condition, payment will be made in the amount and currency as specified by TRAViZGO, without being involved in any bank fees or fees or other expenses. All bookings must be paid within the stipulated time. If you do not process the payment within the stipulated time, TRAViZGO reserves the right to cancel the reservation or abandon the booking process.

Credit card payments and fraud

For credit card payments via the Internet, this website and/or Mobile Application, your credit card will be charged the full price by TRAViZGO when booking and confirming the reservation. (Any refunds depend on the conditions of the reservation.) You must check the booking details thoroughly before booking. TRAViZGO will process the various refunds involved within a reasonable period in order to protect and encrypt your credit card information during the transmission of information to us. We will use encryption technology such as Transport Layer Security ("TLS") or Secure Sockets Layer ("SSL") for our services in the event of credit card fraud or unauthorized use of your credit card by a third party. You must contact your bank or card issuer immediately, after detecting the mentioned unauthorized use. If you suspect an unauthorized reservation or fraud you must immediately contact TRAViZGO Customer Relations when making a booking. You must be of legal age in the host country and have legitimate power in the transaction (Or with permission from a legal guardian). You must use a credit or debit card that you own and issue on your behalf while also making sure that there is sufficient funds to cover transaction costs. Moreover, you accept responsibility for all financial transactions conducted on your behalf or in your account. You must make sure that the details you give to TRAViZGO are true. TRAViZGO reserves the right to not accept certain credit cards and TRAViZGO can add or withdraw other payment methods at its discretion. In some cases, TRAViZGO may require additional information to verify and confirm the reservation. The booking list will not be completed until you receive a confirmation email that contains an electronic ticket or booking confirmation and it is possible that TRAViZGO uses a mechanism to detect fraud during the reservation process. If fraud occurs or is presumed to occur, reservations will no longer be available or will automatically become invalid. TRAViZGO will not be held responsible if you choose not to submit additional information. The booking will not be completed and will become invalid.


Information about products and services published on this website and/or mobile application, there may be discrepancies or errors which includes price errors; especially, TRAViZGO does not guarantee accuracy and reserves the right to deny all liability for any mistakes or inaccuracies in the information and details of hotels, airlines, passenger boats, cars and other travel-related products appearing on the website and/or this Mobile Application (Including but not limited to price information, photos, hotel amenities lists, general product details, and more), which are provided by each service provider. TRAViZGO reserves the explicit right to correct price errors and/or regarding temporary suspension of reservations for goods and services in the event that the price is incorrect, in which case TRAViZGO prefer to offer you to maintain your booking for the correct price or TRAViZGO may cancel your booking without charge of TRAViZGO or any cancellation fees according to your needs. The hotel rates shown on this website and/or mobile application are based on the information received from suppliers and/or manufacturers of goods and services and/or service providers, with full responsibility for updating the prices-services / fee Amount served Policies and conditions and other relevant information that appears on the website. TRAViZGO may not guarantee the accuracy of such rates and do not guarantee the availability of the products and services specified which TRAViZGO may amend and/or change information at any time. TRAViZGO cannot guarantee the suitability of the information, software, products and services contained on this website and/or mobile application for any purpose. This included items or offers of any product or service on this website and / or mobile application does not constitute an endorsement or recommendation of the said product by TRAViZGO. All the above information, software, products and services are displayed. "As shown" without warranty of any kind.

Scope of responsibility

According to the terms and conditions of TRAViZGO's electronic service, including to the extent required by law, TRAViZGO will be responsible only for any direct damages that customers receive or have to compensate caused by TRAViZGO unable to provide services according to specifications and will be responsible for the cost not exceeding the total amount of the customer's order/reservation as specified in the order confirmation/reservation only (Whether for a single case or multiple related cases).

Linkage and third-party content

This website and/or mobile application may contain links to websites operated by people other than TRAViZGO. We do not control those websites or links and will not be responsible for content or privacy or other activities of the website TRAViZGO or other third parties may upload automatic search results or provide links to other websites. TRAViZGO allows third parties to deliver, load, transmit or provide information, text, images, audio, graphics, video, text, comments, or other media ("content") through this website and/or mobile application which TRAViZGO have not inspected and/or have not controlled the website Source and content. You agree that TRAViZGO Will not be responsible for the content or availability of such websites and resources and we do not endorse or recommend and will not be responsible for the origin of the website or the content You agree to waive all responsibility, expense, loss or damage, directly or indirectly caused or allegedly caused by or in connection with the use or account of the content That website or resource.

Terms of use

In the case that you make a transaction through the website and/or mobile application without registering as a member with TRAViZGO; when the identity verification is made during the transaction, the system will store the identity confirmation through the transaction and use as a database in Subscribing to members automatically for quick and convenient use of your service next time.

Intellectual property rights

All intellectual property rights on this website belong to TRAViZGO. All information and media, including but not limited to software, text, graphic information, images, sounds, videos, trademarks, logos, HTML codes and other codes on this website. You are not allowed to publish, edit, copy, duplicate, copy or change in any way whatsoever, outside of this website's area without prior authorization from TRAViZGO. If you violate these rights, TRAViZGO reserves the right to proceed with civil claims. For full compensation in relation to damage or loss received, these violations may also be considered criminal. You may use the information only for personal and non-commercial use. You may not copy, reproduce, distribute, transmit, redistribute, distribute, or otherwise use commercially from downloads made by you to the Website and/or Mobile Application without the permission of TRAViZGO, unless otherwise specified and that is clearly licensed under the copyright laws. Even if you have received the necessary permission, you cannot make changes or delete. You accept and agree that downloading any intellectual property does not give you any intellectual property rights over these websites and/or mobile applications, source code preparation, and software support. TRAViZGO can license third-party open source software licenses through General Public License (General GPL "). Any use of open source software and intellectual property rights of any third party made by TRAViZGO is within the required license or approval. Contacting for service support If you have a complaint or need help regarding TRAViZGO services, you can contact our customer relations Phone number 0 2171 9999 or email [email protected]. We will do our best to support you.

Governing law and jurisdiction

The laws governing the terms and conditions of use of this service under the laws of Thailand and the Court of Thailand will have specific jurisdictions in case of any disputes.


The Thai language version of this TRAViZGO electronic terms and conditions of use shall be regarded as practice and interpreted as an important framework. Agreement in other languages Regarded as a translated version from Thai. In case of any conflicts Interpretation in terms of language to abide by the Thai language version only - The Thai version of the terms of use will prevail.

Privacy Policy

TRAViZGO values privacy and is aware of the wishes of customers regarding the privacy of their customers. Therefore, TRAViZGO has created this privacy protection policy to let you know the storage policy or the use of personal information on the internet and to confirm the obligation to protect the privacy of customers or any person who has visited or used on the website and/or the TRAViZGO application. TRAViZGO may amend this Privacy Policy from time to time as necessary and appropriate by correcting any changes. The above will be displayed on this website and application and your continued use of the website and/or application. You are bound by the revised Terms of Use.

Scope of this policy

This policy covers the implementation of TRAViZGO to the personal data received or collected as a result of your visiting or using this website or application which personal information means Information that makes it possible to identify the person's identity such as name, surname, age, gender, nationality, identification number Passport number, address, phone number Or e-mail address, etc. This is not generally known to the public. TRAViZGO also collects data from computers, phones, tablets and other devices that you use to request TRAViZGO services. This may include the IP address of the browser used and the language used. There are also cases where we will receive information about you from other sources or automatically gather other information. This policy only applies to TRAViZGO websites and applications and does not apply to the practices of linked third-party websites to the TRAViZGO website or application or linked from TRAViZGO websites or applications, so please understand the privacy protection policies provided by those websites.

Using exchanges and disclosure of personal information

There are many service providers working with TRAViZGO for different purposes. Sharing your information with the service provider to complete the booking. There are also other agencies that can receive some of your information. That is the agency that has allocated TRAViZGO services, such as financial institutions, advertising companies, affiliates of TRAViZGO and various affiliates of TRAViZGO, or in some cases, may include government agencies or other agencies (In case of law enforcement). However, we will not sell or rent your personal information. Below are the sharing details that you share with TRAViZGO. With that information, it will be used and exchanged with third parties as follows:
  • 1. Sharing your personal information with affiliates.
    TRAViZGO is part of the TRAVIZGO INNOTECH GROUP affiliates. We may obtain your personal information from other affiliated companies of the TRAViZGO INNOTECH LTD. or share your personal information with affiliates for the following purposes
    • A. To provide service (Including processing and managing reservations or take care of payment)
    • B. To provide customer relations services
    • C. To investigate, prevent and investigate fraud including illegal actions and violation of data agreements
    • D. For the purpose of product analysis and development
    • E. To provide personalized offers or send marketing emails that are consented by or permitted by law
    • F. To comply with legal regulations for purposes A to E, unless otherwise specified TRAViZGO will implement legal guidelines for sharing and receiving personal information. As for the purpose, TRAViZGO will comply with existing legal regulations (such as legal requests from law enforcement)
  • 2. Use of your personal information from accessing websites and applications
    TRAViZGO continuously improves the website and application of TRAViZGO in which TRAViZGO may use hardware or software to collect data, search behavior of people who visited the website or application of TRAViZGO. This is for the purpose of improving the system to reach the target audience. This information will be collected in terms of time and date of access, types of searching for service providers both before and after accessing the TRAViZGO websites or applications.
    TRAViZGO has a location-based service that allows you to search for nearby services. If you need it, TRAViZGO may also send push notifications with information about reservations. If you allow, you must allow us to access your location or contact information in order to allocate the service you have requested. When you upload images from a portable device, your images may also include location information. Please read the instructions on your mobile device to understand how to change settings and enable data sharing or receive push notifications.
    TRAViZGO uses what is known as data tracking between devices to maximize service and marketing effectiveness which may or may not be used with cookies for more information about cookies and other similar technologies by tracking data between devices. TRAViZGO will be able to track user behavior from multiple devices and as part of the tracking of data between devices. TRAViZGO may combine information obtained from a browser or mobile device with computer data, or devices associated with computers, or devices that have been collected.
    Ads tailored specifically for you that appear on other websites or in that application will be presented based on the use on your linked computers and devices. If you change the cookie settings on your device, you can change the tracking information between devices for advertising purposes. Please note that logging out of an account does not mean that you will not receive any advertising customized specifically for you.
  • 3. Using social media with your personal information
    TRAViZGO uses social media for many purposes. Part of that is to allow customers to use the online booking service quickly and conveniently. It is also used to promote service providers' travel products and services, as well as advertisements, improvements, and facilities for TRAViZGO services. However, you can choose not to use social media features.
    • A. The TRAViZGO system allows you to log into user accounts on TRAViZGO by using your own social media account. This will help you not have to remember different usernames and passwords for each website. After you log in for the first time, you will be able to use your social media account to enter your account. You can also always disconnect from these accounts at any time.
    • B. TRAViZGO integrates social media plug-ins with websites and applications of TRAViZGO, so when you click on those buttons (such as the Facebook "Like" button), some information will be shared with that social media provider and if you log in to your social media account in the same time, your social media service provider may associate that information with your social media account. Therefore, your activity information may be displayed on your social media profile page to share with others in the network.
    • C. TRAViZGO may include other social media services (such as social media messaging services) so you can communicate with TRAViZGO and with your acquaintances about our services. We also use accounts on various social media websites and have social media applications. When you connect with TRAViZGO via social media, your social media service provider may allow you to share information with TRAViZGO and if you choose to share information, the social media service provider will let you know what information is shared; for example, when you log in to a user account TRAViZGO with your social media account Will share some data (As you have authorized the social media service provider) with TRAViZGO, which may contain information about the email, age, or profile picture you have saved in your user account.
    When you register with the social media application of TRAViZGO or connect to the social media messaging service without a user account on TRAViZGO, the information you choose to share with us may contain basic information that appears on your social media profile (such as email, status updates And your friends list). We will use this information to provide services for your needs, for example to forward messages that you want to send to your friends or to create a unique service for each user when using our application or website. This means that we can tailor the service to your specific needs, connect you with your friends with the best destinations including analyzing and improving our travel services. In this regard, your social media service provider has more information about how the service provider uses and processes your data while you connect to TRAViZGO through the social media services; for example, the combination of personal information that social media collects while you use it TRAViZGO through that channel with the information that social media collects while you use other online platforms that connect with social media service providers.
  • 4. Children's personal information
    Services from TRAViZGO are not offered directly to people under 16 years of age, so children under 16 can use any of our services only with the consent of their parents or guardians. In the event that TRAViZGO will collect and use children's data only with the consent of the parent or guardian; for example In the case of being part of the reservation, ordering travel services, or in other exempt situations (for example, referring to families). If we find that the data being processed belongs to children under 16 years of age without the consent of the parent or guardian, we reserve the right to delete that information.

Contact methods for managing your personal information

TRAViZGO INNOTECH LTD. is the controller of the processing of personal information as specified in this privacy policy. TRAViZGO INNOTECH LTD. is a company operating under the laws of Thailand with offices at 3455 TTC Park Tower, Rama 9 Road, Suan Luang Subdistrict, Suan Luang District, Bangkok 10250. If you have any questions regarding this privacy statement or about our processing of your personal information, please contact our data protection department at [email protected]. So, we can respond to you regarding booking questions. Please contact the Customer Service Team by phone: 02-171-9999.

Collecting your personal information

TRAViZGO collects and uses the information you provide to us. When you make a reservation, you will be asked for your name and email(At least). We may ask more about the address, phone number, payment information, date of birth, name of travelers sharing and other information that you wish to provide for your travel (such as food requirements) depending on the type of reservation. If wanting to contact the TRAViZGO Customer Service Team or contact TRAViZGO via other channels (such as social media Or communicate with service providers that you have booked through our website), TRAViZGO will also collect your information from that channel as well. Customers may be asked to write a review to help other customers book trips that match their needs. We will collect other information that appears with your review, including name and profile picture (in case you have selected images) in other cases; for example, if you choose to search for information using a portable device, you can decide whether to allow TRAViZGO get to know your current location? or allow access to your contact information. This will help us to provide the best service and experience for you. (for example, to see the travel guide Restaurants nearby or interesting things in your area or other suggestions). In addition, you can open an account to save personal settings, upload photo, write a review on previous reservations ,or plan and manage future bookings, or receive benefits from other features that are available only for account owners. You can decide to participate in a friend referral program or win a prize. If so, then it means giving us personal information as well. In addition, you can provide comments or request assistance with the use of the travel service of TRAViZGO, the mention personal data will be protected in accordance with the protection standard privacy as specified in this policy is strictly to prevent the use of your personal information fraudulently.

Collecting personal information of other people that you inform us

There is a chance that you may have to share the trip with others, and you must also inform other customers' information as part of your booking or; otherwise, you must book a trip for others. If you have a TRAViZGO account for business, you can create an address to facilitate your business trip including managing other people's reservations. In some cases, you can use TRAViZGO to share information with others. This can be forwarded to a favorite program or joined a friend recommendation program. However, the said information may only be used as specified on the interface page. Please check the information available if wanting to know more. However, we would like to clarify that you must be responsible for the person or person who is the owner of the information that you have informed that you have done so. Including understanding and accepting that TRAViZGO will use their data (As specified in this privacy policy)

Automatically Personal information Gathering

Even if you haven't booked a trip (or booking reservations) when using our website or application, but we automatically collect certain information, including the IP address, date and time of your access to the service, hardware, software, or browser you use including information about your computer operating system such as the version of the application Language settings. We also collect information about the clicks and pages that can be shown to you. If you use a portable device, we collect information that identifies that mobile device whether settings for portable devices Character recognition characteristics an app error and other activities in the system. When you book a trip, our system will collect information on how you reserve including websites that you have booked through or specify the website and/or TRAViZGO application.

Your personal information that we receive from other sources

In addition to the information you provided to us, we may receive information about you from other sources which includes business partners whether it is an affiliate partner Companies in the same group as TRAViZGO and its affiliates from TRAViZGO INNOTECH LTD. and other independent third parties and any information obtained from that source will be combined with the information that you have informed us; for example, TRAViZGO doesn't just provide online bookings TRAViZGO and apps TRAViZGO only but also provides services in conjunction with the services of affiliate partners, which you can find online. When you use the services of an affiliate partner, you will need to provide details about your booking with our business partners which will forward your information to us. In addition, we cooperate with service providers with third-party service providers to facilitate payment between bookers and service providers in which these service providers will share payment information with us. So, we can manage and process your booking reservations and make sure everything goes smoothly for you. TRAViZGO integrates social media services with our platform so that you can contact the service providers you have booked regarding your stay, which (in some cases) allows us to receive information about your activity. Your communications (for example, where you are calling from, who you are calling on, on what date and how long does it take to call?) In addition, we may receive information about you, to use, to show ads that are more suitable for you; for example, social media partners may provide additional cookie information to. In addition, when you link a TRAViZGO account with your social media account, the said social media service provider will share your information with TRAViZGO, but only if you have received your permission. You can choose not to share that information at any time. Service providers may share information about you with TRAViZGO also. This may occur when you have questions regarding a reservation that is waiting to be processed, or, in the event that problems arise regarding booking a trip (Although we don't want this to happen).

Objectives Gathering and Personal Information Usage

TRAViZGO has collected your personal information for the following purposes.
  • 1. Product/service booking: First, the most important thing is using your personal information to process and manage reservations for products-services. Complete your online system which is our main service by including sending various information related to your booking, such as booking confirmation, modification of reservations, and notifications.
  • 2. Customer service: We have customer service every day by sharing your information (such as booking information or information about your account) with our customer service staff, helping us meet your needs when you need them which includes helping to find the right service provider and answering any questions you have about booking your trip (or other questions).
  • 3. Account facilities: TRAViZGO users can create user accounts on our website or application. We will use the information you specify to manage that account which will help you to perform many things. You can manage your trip reservations, enjoy the benefits of special offers, book your next trip more easily as well as managing personal settings, which will allow you to collect and share favorite items, photos, and see the trip services you have previously searched for including other information you specify about travel.
  • 4. Communicating with you: Sometimes we may contact you via email, mail, telephone or text messages depending on the contact information you specify. We also handle the communications you send to us. We may contact you in the following cases
    • A. We may respond to or handle requests made by you or the service provider you have specified. In addition, TRAViZGO provides a variety of services through which service providers and customers can exchange information, requests and opinions about service providers, including existing booking items booked through TRAViZGO.
    • B. If you have not completed your online booking, we can contact you to alert you to continue your booking. We believe that this additional service will be useful to you as it allows you to continue your booking without having to search for a service provider or specify your booking information again.
    • C. When you use our service, we can send surveys or invite you to share opinions about your experience with the service of TRAViZGO or service provider.
    • D. TRAViZGO will send you other information related to booking trips; for example, how to contact TRAViZGO if you need help while you travel and information that we think may be useful for planning or to help you get the most convenience from your booked trip. In addition, we may send information relating to bookings close to the date of use or a summary of the trip bookings you have made through Previous TRAViZGO.
    • E. Even if you don't have a book close to the date of use, we may send you other messages related to the system which may include security warning messages.
  • 5. Market research: We sometimes ask our customers to participate in market research. Please refer to the information provided during the invitation to participate. So, you can understand what personal information is being collected and how your personal information will be used.
  • 6. Improvement of our service: We use personal information for analysis as well. As part of the drive to improve our service and create a better experience for users, in addition, it is also used for experimentation, solve problems in the system as well as improving the functionality and quality of our online travel services.
  • 7. Incoming calls to customers: When you call the customer service team, TRAViZGO will use the automatic number checking system to associate your phone number with your booking information. This helps save both you and your customer relations staff and save time. In addition, our customer service staff may also ask questions to verify accuracy. This is to ensure that your booking information will be kept confidential. While talking on the phone with our customer service team, we may listen and record conversations for use in quality control, service and internal training including use of conversation logs to manage complaints and investigate fraud. However, we will only record certain conversations and will limit the amount of time to keep them and the recorded data will be automatically deleted thereafter, unless TRAViZGO has a legitimate intention to keep it for a longer period to investigate fraud and legal proceedings
  • 8. Safe and reliable service support: We may use personal information to investigate and prevent fraud. As well as illegal and unwanted behavior. In addition, we may use personal information to assess risks and for security purposes. Which includes user verification and booking. In such cases, we may refuse or suspend certain reservations temporarily until the investigation is complete.
  • 9. Legal Purpose: Finally, in some cases, we may need to use your information to manage and resolve legal issues whether it's investigations and regulatory compliance or to enforce the terms of use of the online booking service on TRAViZGO or to comply with legal requests from law enforcement.
Providing your personal information to TRAViZGO is voluntary. However, we may provide services to you only after receiving certain personal information depending on the type of service you want to use, for example, we are unable to process your booking if we do not receive your name and contact information. If we use automated methods to process personal information which can result in legal consequences or clearly affecting you, we will use the most appropriate method to protect your rights and freedoms. This includes the right to intervene to eliminate and obstruct illegal activities.

Security system

TRAViZGO will maintain security standards to protect data. Your personal information strictly for the purpose of preventing damage and/or knowing your personal information by non-authorized persons.

Cookies’s Policy

"Cookies" means information that is transmitted from TRAViZGO websites and applications to the computer of visitors of the website and/or applications of TRAViZGO while the website visitor is visiting the TRAViZGO website and/or application. TRAViZGO may monitor access behavior of customers who have accounts with TRAViZGO and use the data linking system with TRAViZGO system. As part of the security process of TRAViZGO, we may use "cookies" to verify the authenticity of the request of the person requesting the service by "cookies" is determined by TRAViZGO, and will end after the data link in the TRAViZGO. If you use the system of TRAViZGO by using the search engine, which may use cookies to store your information. You should therefore study the privacy protection policy set by the said program.

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